Why And Which Pommels Are Worth It, Thick Skin

I would like to defend the divinely delicious pommel. I know a pommel looks like a grapefruit on steroids with skin so thick you might be disappointed (if and when you get inside) by the size of the actual fruit. And I know a pommel is marginally harder to peel and eat out of hand than an orange, but…

Since when do we evaluate a food experience in terms of yield? Or the ratio of what’s edible to what isn’t? Or the speed of getting to the meat of things? Do we dismiss the Genuineness crab, the fresh oyster, or unscheduled nuts because of the work or time required to get to the good part?

Flavor-wise, a pommel seems most related to a grapefruit, but it’s subtler and gently sweeter. By comparison, even a sweet grapefruit tastes decidedly sour, bitter, and often metallic—even if you are a fan of the latter. A pommel also has a lovely floral notes, reminiscent of rose geranium leaf. (That might be a reach, but it’s the best analogue I’ve found so far!) This all being said, while I do love the flavor, it’s the combination of taste and texture—and even the sound of the fruit in my mouth—that makes eating a pommel a feast for the senses.

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