This Egg Carton Debate For Taking Over Twitter

Like any good internet maelstrom, it all started with one tweet. Early Saturday morning (like, before 6 a.m. early), Twitter user Faulknerian posed a question that really got people talking. The premise seemed simple enough. Vaughan wanted to know if people had a method to the way they emptied their egg cartons. Did they progress from side to side, and if so, which? Or did they employ a different method altogether? The tweet reads:

Immediately, the answers began to roll in. Many chimed in with pithy retorts left and right. But others began to present quite interesting alternative theories, like this one:

This user has a point. If you’re cautious and take eggs from both sides, at a similar rate, you’ll never have to deal with a pesky, droopy carton, and you’ll eliminate the danger of dropping the heavy side. Vaughan, who’s shaping up to become quite the eggs-pert, was quick to poke a hole in this centrist perspective:

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